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League of Canadian Reformed School Societies

One of the many blessings Ambassadors Christian School enjoys, is its affiliation with the League of Canadian Reformed School Societies (LCRSS). 

The LCRSS is a service organization dedicated to benefit its member school societies by:


  • providing organizational, administrative, and educational resource assistance.

  • providing a forum for the discussion and resolution of issues of mutual interest.

  • providing a vehicle for the implementation of mutually beneficial programs.

  • preparing, publishing, and distributing mutually beneficial educational curricula, studies, and reports.

  • providing an administrative and clearing centre for all of its activities.

  • promoting teaching as a career as well as the professional development of teachers and school administrators.

  • developing rationalized and mutually agreeable schedules for the remuneration of teaching and administrative staff.

  • procuring the management of a Health Benefits and Pension Plan.

  • organizing and/or sponsoring seminars, workshops, and conferences to disseminate the results of the League’s activities as a service organization.

LCRSS Benefits

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